Introducing our New Hand Products!

Anna Price

We've been busy during Lockdown #2 expanding our hand care range with a new range of Hand Lotions and Hand Soaps!

Instead of waxing lyrical about how amazing they are (and they are!) we thought you'd like to know more details about what we've squeezed into our recyclable aluminium 250ml bottle, created as we thought your hands need some love after overdosing on alcohol gel in 2020!

Cold Pressed Botanical Seed Oils 

We've utilised the highest quality cold pressed botanical seed oils into these products, but why?

Most hand care products contain a blend oil oils, fats and waxes that are derived from plants and then heat processed to produce large amounts of oils. During heat processing (as when we cook vegetables) their vitamins and minerals are reduced therefore though they may be good ingredients - critically they lose their vital potency.

By cold pressed oil processing the seeds are squeezed and compressed expelling their precious natural oils which are then filtered, using no heat at any stage. The process is time consuming and provides smaller amounts of oil, however, the oil is packed full of its naturally occurring vital vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that skin loves!  We know it is well worth the extra effort to ensure our hand products are nutritionally highly effective, luxurious and a joy to use. Our cold-pressed seed oils are good for the planet too by being a natural by-product of the food industry!

Rosehip – A true skin hero, fast becoming famous for its active skin renewing properties. This really is one of the Queen Bees of natural skincare. Rosehip seeds are powerfully nourishing, boasting skin rejuvenating qualities. Loaded with Vitamin C, Retinol and high levels of essential fatty acids, Rosehip oil’s high vitamin C & A content can help promote skin cell renewal and encourage skin to retain moisture.

Our Source: Seed oil from Rosa Canina Flower Hips

Find it in - Our Bliss Hand Lotion

Blackberry – Deliciously rich in Omega 3, 6 and Vitamins C & E this potent wonder oil contains an abundance of skin rejuvenating properties. New to the natural skincare revolution, we love that it’s so easily absorbed and is a by-product of the juice industry. This super skin food helps hands that are in need of a boost of hydration & nourishment.

Our Source: A by-product of the juice industry utilising zero waste production

Find it in - Our Bliss Hand Lotion

Marigold – aka calendula. This beautiful golden oil is sunkissed, skin calming & soothing with anti-inflammatory properties. Historically used to treat eczema this gentle oil is made up of a harmonious combination of caretoides, flavonoids and oleonic acids helping promote healthy skin tissue growth. We use an abundance of marigold to macerate in the sunshine.

Find it in - Our Bliss hand lotion & Bliss Hand Wash & Joy Hand Wash

Grapeseed Famously used in the beauty industry for its regenerative and nutritious properties this light green cold pressed oil is full of antioxidants that help to give skin gorgeous silky soft, smooth feeling.

Our Source: A by-product of the wine industry

Find it in - Our Joy Hand Lotion

Cucumber – A hydrating seed oil, light and easily absorbed. Bountiful antioxidants and amino-acids help soothe, nourish and feed your skin - pure joy!

Find it in - Our Joy Hand Lotion & Joy Hand Wash 

Blackcurrant - bursting with skin loving omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids, gamma & alpha-linolenic acids. Essential fatty acids help restore damaged & dry skin. A highly nutritious & vital oil, a real hero ingredient!

Our Source: A by-product of the juice industry.

Find it in - Our Joy Hand Lotion 

Wild Carrot Seed - A skin nutrient & protector bursting with beta-carotene, Vitamin A and anti-oxidants. It's natural skincare power is easily absorbed, especially good for rejuvenating and feeding dry skin, helping restore silky soft hands.

Find it in - Our Joy Hand Lotion, Bliss Hand Lotion & Wild Hand Lotion

Parsley seed oil - With a wonderfully fragrant scent, easily absorbed and excellent nourishment for dry and damaged hardworking hands.  This enriched seed is a super source of Omega 3, Vitamin B & E, folic acid, phosphorus and is highly nutritional. Providing a powerful concoction of anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties. Parsley seed has natural antiviral & antibacterial properties.

Find it in - Our Wild Hand Lotion, Wild Hand Wash

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